Variable Text Generation

This work is consist of two parts, both about variables text generation. In the first generator, the original text discusses how to decorate your house for thanksgiving. It has eight steps to do that. What I did in this assignment is mostly manipulating the names, adjectives and verbs in the text. For instance in the event01 variable you can see thanksgiving, Halloween, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King day, Labor Day and Christmas.

I tried to show that some parts are less prominent in comparison with the other parts, for instance the text at the bottom of the page is not much readable. However in the middle of the text, the usage of the white font and blue background has made this part more important. Some lines are hidden by black and you can see the changes of variables by reloading the page. Atthe bottom of the page one can see the reload button.What is interesting about the work is that byu highlighting the black parts one the hidden text would become visible, thus on these grounds the can whole text would become readable.

In the second work, the appropriated poem is about the description of snow, snowball, avalanche and what one would see in a snowy day. In the background you can see html codes which are for an image of snowball poem. I used Nick Montfort’s Taroko Gorge as the resource of my work.