Static images

Creating two static images based on two pioneer methods for creating animation, I tried to mix both methods to show motion. When we put two images beside each other it connotes passage of time. I used both methods for producing each image.

I used Eadweard Muybridge‘s method to take shots. At first the ball was static then it started moving by blowing.The shadow of ball and the shape of it changed to ellipse. I took the second picture in another angel and tried to put them in one image like what Marey did in the pelican image. It is mixing two methods for producing the image. I used the idea of using the movement to show the passage of time. In the next image which you can see below I have showed the images beside each other like what Muybridge did but I took both of them from one angle.

I tried to show the passage of time by train movement. All the objects in the images are the same but the train.I used Étienne-Jules Marey’s way to capture one object movement.Standing in the train station I took consecutive shots from the train coming and leaving the station. All the lines in the images are parallel but there is an optical illusion which we can not see them parallel.The images denote the scenes from a train station but when we put them beside each other they connote passage of time.