In this assignment which is a postmodern one, we applied the model of Barbara Kurgur works.We used types and icons to market specific products. In this assignment, icons or images, slogans and brands appear randomly on screen without having any meanings or relationships with each other. There is no narrative.

I learned to put together brands, slogans, and icons, sometimes we have different choices for one icon but it is important that the icon associated with the brand, and the slogans and images should be motivating enough to hail the audience.

Also I learned to pay attention to the colors and types in a framework. For instance some types and colors have more harmony with each other and specific backgrounds, in addition, some colors have relation with a brand or a slogan that can be an important factor. It is a postmodern work since there is no relation between icons and the other aforementioned elements, there is no narrative, it is fragmented, it is based on the theme of deconstruction and we did not use the usual stereotype for ads.