Rhetorical Terms

In this Assignment I changed the definitions of some Rhetorical and poetical terms in order to apply them in interactive media.The first, second and third terms are the same as what they are in rhetorical terms.The new definitions and the links to the works are availeble in the below in the parts of digital media. The last term is not in rhetorical terms and I have made it according to the works that I have seen in e-literature.

harsh joining of sounds.

Word origin

Cacophony in digital media
The harsh sound during the whole piece or some parts of a piece. In the works by Jason Nelson like game game game and again game we can hear harsh sound during the game.

Substitution of one word for another which it suggest.

Word origin

Metonymy in digital media
Using drawing,image ,sound ,map, video, etc to associate a meaning. Entre Ville is a work by J.R Carpenter. It is a
poetic diary of an artist’s day in Montreal. In the first interface there is a drawing of an apartment which you can link to the different videos , images and map by clicking on the windows. Actually all of these are the impression of the author from her neighbors in Montreal that we can see by videos,images and maps.

The repetiton of a word or phrase at the begining of successive phrases, clauses or lines.

Word origin
ana: back
pherein :to bear

Anaphora in digital media
The repetition of a word, phrase, sound, image in the levels starting points in the games. For instance in the game game game and again game by Jason Nelson there are unlimited lives in the game and when you come to the game, at every starting point you hear “come on and meet your maker”.

harsh joining of visual elements.

For instance in Time-Lapse Homepage by Paul Slocum we can see lots of webpages which are changing very fast. At the same time images and words are changing. Over all there is a chaos in the the whole piece.