Playable Media

In this work I chose a music from Mohsen Namjoo, an Iranian singer. What is remarkable in his work is the way he reads poem. In this specific work which is named “ Zolf bar bad “, he reads a traditional poem without considering the common methods of reading a conventional poem in Persian. The poem is from Hafez , who is the most famous poet in persian language. Namjoo’s work is a deconstruction of traditional works both in the ways of reading them and the usage of music in the background of his works .

The whole music is around six minutes long, which I divided it into thirty pieces. Each piece’s length is between four to eight seconds. Pressing the numbers one, two and three one can hear the pieces. At the same time one can see the poem on the screen which is in Persian, but intentionally not readable. Basically, I tried to deconstruct Namjoo’s work, in the other words, my work is the deconstruction of deconstruction which referes to the meaning of deconstruction by Derrida from which i would argue that it is the new way of reading a poem and deconstructing it into its components.