Communication Innovation

In Communication Innovation course I was in a group to write a white paper announcing a new innovation at the Naval Museum in Karlskrona. We did not actually create an innovation, but announce it in a white paper as though it is completed. It is thoroughly described in the white paper.

The purpose of this project is to reconnect the segmented passive historical elements such as objects, texts and revive them as an expressive entity through digital media, a united body with story and meaning. I applied my project to one of the Naval museum rooms which I found a portrait of a king namely as, Carl Gustav XI and a pair of his shoe. I used Hologram technology to remediate the king to make it more impressive and eye catching, an impressive visualization for the visitors.

As soon as a visitor steps in, the sensor makes the holographic king start greeting. I have designed a sympathizing speech for him to add engagement and help the visitor to personalize the event, thus more participation and immersion is expected. He invites the people to start the interactive video game to experience 4 short historical events, each taking 5 minutes long while the king will be the narrator of the history.

It is a one-player interactive video game, every event is designed as it was in its time and the player starts to immerse as people greet and pass by and you see yourself in that era’s costume. The participation is partial, just to help the player personalize it. The player as a present traveler is able to experience the journey only, and walk through the event as a present witness while the king is briefly telling the story of that event. At the end of the first 5 minute, the next event will start automatically with the same function and process. Full text